Candle Holder with Lace

I am always amazed by how lighting up a small candle can illuminate the ambiance of the surroundings instantly. Everything seems so beautiful by candlelight, whether you are taking a shower, reading a book, having dinner or just relaxing, sipping coffee. So, I decided to made these cute little tea light candle holders for my home. I am very delighted to share the process with you all.

You will need the following supplies –

Supplies: Glass Container, Lace, Mod-Podge, Brush, Scissors [Note:  You can buy all the supplies in an assembled kit from my Facebook shop here]

First, clean the surface of the glass container with a soft cloth. Then, measure and cut the ribbon such that it wraps around the container once. You can also seal the edges of the ribbon to prevent them from fraying.

Start off by applying mod-podge on the outer surface of the glass with the help of a brush. I have used my homemade mod-podge for this project, but you can also use the mod-podge available in the crafts store near you. Don’t worry about the white color of the mod-podge, it will become transparent once it dries off. Make sure to cover the surface entirely with mod-podge, otherwise the lace will not stick properly.

Then put the piece of ribbon over the mod-podge and seal the ends by applying a layer of mod-podge over the ends. I have used a wide designer lace for this purpose. Wipe off any excess mod-podge with the help of a cloth.

Let the assembly dry for 15-20 minutes. The mod-podge will become transparent.

That’s it!! Pretty simple, right? It looks so beautiful. Just make a couple of these holders in various colors and sizes to brighten up your home. A set of four of these tea-light holders and along with some chocolates will make a great gift for your family and friends. I am sure you’ll enjoy making these. Share your experience in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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