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Well, to be honest, I am a total mess at sorting out and putting away things. I never succeed at keeping things in their original place and keep losing things, even my jewelry. I keep all of my earrings in jewelry boxes but they get tangled or broken or lost. Ugh!!!

So I began to think of using a different type of organizer for my earrings. And given my love for handmade things, I decided to make one on my own. I wanted it to be pretty simple and functional, nothing fancy. So I thought of making something with paper and ribbons and I am totally impressed with the result. 🙂

This earrings holder provides a neat way to organize all my earrings and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Supplies: Thick paper, Ribbon, Fabric Glue, Paper Punching tool

First, cut up the paper into strips of 2”X1” (WXL). I have used 6 strips, you can use as many as you want for your earrings.Next, punch out two holes in the center of each of the strips. Line up the pieces of paper equally spaced vertically.

Now, you need to measure up two pieces of ribbon across the length of the lined up pieces of paper. Keep 6-7 inches extra to tie up a bow at the top. Heat seal both the ends of the ribbon pieces to stop them from fraying.

Now, apply fabric glue to the front of the paper strips and stick the ribbons on both the sides of the paper. Repeat the process and stick up all the pieces of paper with equal distance between them.

All that’s left to be done now is tie up a bow at the top and hang your earrings.

So, make one for yourself today with the supplies available at your home. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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