Happy Creating!!

“Happiness is in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort”
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Well, here I am, sharing my happiness with all of you. In this age of computers and smart phones, it’s far too easy to go our entire adult lives without really creating much of anything. Making something on your own adds that special personal touch which is hard to find in this rushed and automated environment. With this thought, I endeavor to make things myself. I find pleasure in the simple handmade gifts that bring smiles on my friends’ faces, or beautiful home décor projects that brighten up my living space, or small daily necessities. What I’ve learnt from creating DIY projects is that the value created by taking time to make something yourself is far greater than anything else.
This blog is an effort to inspire people to break through the mundane and create something special. I take pleasure in welcoming you to experience the excitement of creating. Happy Creating!!

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