Star-shaped felt plushie

I love felt! It’s so versatile; you can do so many things with it and still can’t get bored. It’s available in amazing colors and is super easy to work with. Here I am going to take you through the steps to make this cute little felt plushie that can be used a keychain or as a toy for your young ones. It’s really great!

Supplies: Felt sheets, Cotton wool for stuffing, Small piece of ribbon, Thread, Needle, Scissors, Fabric Glue [Note: You can buy all the supplies in form of an assembled kit from my FB shop here]

So, let’s get started. First of all you need to cut the felt fabric into star shapes of any size you want. Make sure that both the shapes are exactly same in size and shape. You can use a paper cut out for accuracy.

Once you have the star shape ready, you need to stitch them together by the edges. I used a blanket stitch to do the same. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread, keeping a double thread for use. Keep the thread long enough to stitch the edges easily. It’s better to use a thread in contrasting color.

Then take the two star-shaped cutouts and stack them one over the other. Then starting from one edge, insert the needle into about 2-3mm away from the edge of back piece. Pull the thread through till the knot is up against the fabric.

Now, form a loop by bringing the thread around the edge and insert the needle through the upper sheet of felt at the same point. You need to push the needle through the loop that is formed, keeping the needle to the right of the loop.

Keep moving along the edges continuing the blanket stitch. Try keeping the size of stitched uniform. [Tip: If your thread is short in length and it ends in the middle, don’t worry. Just tie a knot, keeping the stitch secured and add another piece of thread in the same way as we did in the beginning]

On the third corner, make a loop from the ribbon and insert it between the two felt pieces. Stitch the ribbon loop into the shape and sew the corners.

Now, when last two corners are left open fill the hole created with the cotton wool nicely and then stitch up the remaining edges.

Next, cut out two oval shaped eyes and stick them to the plushie.

Voila!! it’s done.. you can make a couple of these to hang around in your kids’ room or make cute keychains out of them. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!


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