Card in a box

Today I have a fun project for you all. I made this gorgeous card in a box. It looks so intricate, but it is actually very easy to make. It’s a really fancy card to gift someone.

Card in a box

Supplies: Thick plain paper for the base, decorative papers, glue, embellishments to decorate the card, ribbons, scissors [Note: You can buy all the supplies in the form of an assembled kit form my FB shop here]

So, let’s get started.

First take the plain paper and divide it into four equal vertical sections, leaving about 0.5” extra at the end. Also, divide the paper equally horizontally, as shown below, to have eight equal sections. You can use paper of any size, I have made each section 2.5” wide and 4” in length.

Now, cut the sections in the top half as shown below in the image.

Next, score along the lines and fold the paper in a box style.

Now, we begin decorating the card. Take four pieces of decorative paper of size slightly smaller than your sections. Paste the papers on each of the bottom sections.

Flip the paper over and paste another set of decorative papers on the top sections.

Now, fold the paper in a box style and paste the end edges to form a box. Make sure that it sticks properly and the shape of the box holds intact.

I have decorated this card in three layers, you can do as many as you want. To create the layers, take three strips of paper of length 1” more than the width of your sections. For my card I have taken 3.5” length. Keep the width of these strips in increasing order to create layers. Fold these papers at 0.5” from the edges as shown. These will be used to hold the embellishments. Let the assembly dry for 5 minutes.

You can close the box by pressing diagonally opposite sides together. Now decorate the back side of the upper sections.

Once all the four sections are done, open up the card and decorate the three layers with embellishments. I have made a simple assembly with layers of paper and a small bow with a button to accessorize the front section of the card.

Card in a box

Now, fold the card and tie a ribbon around it. You can put it in an envelope and send your love with this card in a box. I’m sure everyone will love it. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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