Let’s make some cool bookmarks

Hello friends! I love reading books very much. And, I admit I am one of those old-fashioned people who prefer printed copies more than digital media files. So you can imagine the number of bookmarks I need. As everything else, I chose to make my own bookmarks.

So I made these three bookmarks the other day and it turned out to be a fun project. I decided to share the same with you all. A set like this will make a perfect gift for your avid reader friends and kids!

Cool Bookmarks

Supplies: Ribbon, felt pieces, buttons, thread, needle, fabric glue, sheets of paper, accessories, yarn, beads, glue  [Note: You can purchase all these supplies in form of an assembled kit from here]

So, let’s get started with the first bookmark made of yarn.

Take 3 pieces of yarn of equal length. Keep a little extra length for knots. I have taken yarn of length 20”. Tie them together in a knot as shown in the image below

Now braid the three pieces together.

When you reach the desired length of your bookmark, tie another knot to seal the braid, keep spare length of the yarn to add beads.

Now, add pearls to the extra length of yarn and tie little knots at the end to keep them from slipping.

Just cut the extra length and the bookmark is ready.

For the next bookmark, I used 2 square and 2 round pieces of felt and 2 wooden buttons, along with a piece of ribbon. I have used a ribbon of 10” length and heat sealed both the ends. You can choose a ribbon of any desired length, just keep 2cm extra length.

Now, thread your needle and sew the buttons on the circular pieces of felt.


Next, you’ll need to stick one side of the ribbon with fabric glue to the center of the square piece of felt placed diagonally.


Stick the circular piece over the ribbon.

Repeat this on the other end of the ribbon as well to finish the bookmark.

The last one that I made is a corner bookmark. We only need paper and glue to make this easy-peasy bookmark.

You’ll need a triangular piece of paper with two equal sides. I have taken a piece with 11cm length of two sides.

Now flip the paper over and make folds as shown below.

Next, fold the two small triangles as shown below.

Stick the small triangles together. Now you need to cut another piece of paper of same size and shape as the triangle formed.

Paste this piece of paper over the small triangle formed and add a paper accessory to brighten it up. this will form an envelope arrangement.

Put it in the corner of your book and enjoy!!

I hope you loved the bookmarks. Give it a try. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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