DIY Cardboard Photo Frame

Hello creatives!! I guess you’ll all agree that a good photo frame can enhance the beauty of the picture it holds. Today I am sharing how to make this cute cardboard photo frame. You can make a couple of these to decorate your living space or as a housewarming gift for someone.

Cardboard Photo Frame

Supplies: Cardboard, decorative papers, plain paper, glue, ribbon [Note: You can purchase all the supplies in form of an assembled kit from my FB shop here]

First of all, cut the cardboard according to the photo that you want to put. I have made this frame for a photo of size 4”X3”. I have used a cardboard of size 6”X5”, which will leave 1” border on all the four sides. Cut the cardboard in the following manner. For the front piece cut a rectangle of 4″X3″ leaving 1″ borders on all sides.

Now, cover the back piece of the frame with a plain paper. You can attach a ribbon loop on the backside to hang the frame.

To prepare the front of the photo frame, we’ll paste three 1” wide strips of cardboard on the backside of three consecutive sides of the frame. This will form an opening to insert the photo from the top.

I have used a brown patterned paper to cover the front portion. For this, place the front assembly over the paper and cut the corners as shown.

Fold the sides of paper inward and paste to cover the sides. Now, cut the paper in the center in the form of an X.

Fold the four triangles over the cardboard to cover the sides and paste the paper. Let the assembly dry for 5-10 minutes.

Next, paste the assembly on top of the back portion of the frame, keeping the open side on the top.

Cardboard Photo Frame

I have made two paper pinwheels to decorate the frame. You can use any other accessories such as buttons, flowers, ribbons, etc. For making a paper pinwheel, take a long strip of paper (atleast 15-20” long) and make small zig-zag folds.

Cardboard Photo Frame

When the entire length of the paper is folded, stick the two ends together to form a wide cylinder.

Now, turn the cylinder inwards to create a pinwheel.

Gather the pinwheel by pasting two circular pieces of paper in the center on front and back. Hold the assembly tightly for 2-3 minutes to keep it intact.

I love how this cardboard photo frame turned out. Decorate your home with these frames and cherish your memories. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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