DIY Coffee Coasters

Remember those really cool coffee coasters you see at restaurants and cafes? Well, well, well, it’s possible to make those at home. Today, I have a fun DIY Coffee Coasters project for you.

Personalize these coasters according to your tastes. You can choose any pattern, photos, motivational quotes, landscapes, literally anything to put on your coasters. Make a set of these fancy coasters and impress your guests!

Supplies: Wooden coaster base, patterned paper, Mod-podge, Foam brush or sponge [Note: You can buy all the supplies in form of an assembled kit from my FB shop here]

So, lets get started on coaster crafting!

First, cut your patterned paper according to the size and shape of your wooden base. I have taken a 4”X4” square base for the coaster. You can use any shape, any size. [Tip: Use a thin paper so that it sticks easily, you can use decoupage paper for this purpose]

Then,  apply a thin and even layer of mod-podge on it the wooden coaster base. I have used a sponge piece to do this as it applies an even layer. You can also use a brush for this purpose.

Next, paste your paper cutout on the base and let it dry for 10-15 minutes.

Now, apply a thin and even layer of mod-podge over the dried paper with the help of a sponge. This will make the coaster waterproof and add a shine to it.

Apply a layer of mod-podge to the sides of the coaster as well.

Make sure that there are no wrinkles or bubbles in the paper. Smooth them out with the help of the sponge. And it’s done…

Oh, by the way, a set of these coasters will make an awesome office gift… Comment below to share your experiences. Happy Creating!!

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