Felt Gift Bag

Hi everyone! Today I have yet another project with the ever-so-versatile felt for you. I made a felt gift bag for my friend. It took me about 45 minutes to make it. I am so glad that the bag turned out beautifully.

Supplies – Felt Sheets, Button, Thread, Needle, Ribbons [Note: You can buy all the supplies from my FB Shop here]

So, let’s make this cute felt gift bag.

To get started, let’s take two sheets of felt of same size. Thread your needle and tie a knot at the ends. Stack the felt sheets one above the other and stitch their three sides to form the shape of a bag.

Now open up the bag from the inside. This will form two triangles at the bottom stitched part of the bag.

We have to stitch these triangular parts as shown below. The distance between the stitch and the edge of the triangle will form the width of the bag. You have to ensure that this distance is same for both the triangles.

Once both the triangles are stitched, turn the bag inside out. The body of the bag is ready.

Now, take another piece of felt and cut it in a rounded rectangular shape to form the top cover for the bag. Stitch this piece to the back side of the bag.

Felt Gift Bag

Attach a button on the front of the bag. Cut a hole according to the size of the button in the top cover.

Now, attach a bow or any other accessory in the front of the bag. And your felt gift bag is ready!! I have used a ribbon bow here.

You can use this bag for gifting your friends and family. And it’s also reusable. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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