Flower Wall Art

Don’t we just love decorating the walls and doors of our homes? I made a cute flower wall art for my home today. I hung it on my cupboard. It really did brighten it up. It’s very easy to make and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Supplies – Two pieces of cardboard, Felt sheet, Ribbons, Decorated paper, Thread & Needle, Silicon Glue, Beads [Note: you can buy all the supplies in form of an assembled kit from my FB shop here]

To begin with I cut the felt sheet into 10 square pieces of side 5cm each and 10 square pieces of side 4 cm each. This will make 2 big flowers and 2 smaller ones, which will be assembled together in 2 layers. You can use 3-5 layers, depending on the size that you want for the flowers.

First of all, fold the square piece of felt into half vertically and cut it in the shape of a petal. Do this for all the pieces.

Now thread the needle and tie a knot at the end. Pull the needle through the petal, sewing up and down. Add five petals to the thread.

As all the five petals are added to the thread, form a loop by pulling the needle through the first petal. This will form a circle of the petals.

Now, just pull the thread tightly to create creases in the fabric petals. This will form a crumpled flower shape of five petals. Tie a knot at the end of the thread to keep it from falling apart. This will keep the flower intact. You need to make two flowers with 5cm petals and two with 4cm petals.

As you are done with the flowers, take the cardboard pieces and cover them up with a decorative paper.

Now paste two equal pieces of ribbon on the back side, keeping the cardboard pieces at equal distance vertically. Also, create a loop with ribbon to hang it. The ribbons can be pasted with the help of fabric glue.

For sticking the flowers to cardboard pieces, you can make use of silicon glue or hot glue. I have used silicon glue for this. Stick the big flowers at the center of each of the cardboard pieces.

 Then stick the smaller flowers on top of the bigger flowers to create a double layer. Let the flowers dry for 5 minutes. Now, stick a shiny bead at the center of each of the flowers. And, it’s done.


You can use it to decorate your kids’ room or make a set of these and perk up up your living area. I am sure you’ll have fun making these flower wall art pieces. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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