Yarn wrapped cardboard box

Hello everyone!! Today I am going to share with you a simple technique to up-cycle an old cardboard box to make it into a beautiful storage bin. All you need for this project is a box, some yarn and mod-podge.

Supplies: Old cardboard box, yarn, mod-podge, accessories to decorate

I wanted to make a small open box for storing stationery and other small items. I had a small cardboard box which I decided to use for this project.

I cut off the top cover of the box and sealed the bottom with the help of glue.

Now, I applied a layer of mod-podge on the surface of the box, starting from the bottom. Then I started wrapping the box with yarn from one corner. Keep applying mod-podge as you move upwards and wrap the box completely with yarn.

To finish the box, I added a baker’s twine with a button in the center.

You can use the same technique with bigger boxes to make large storage baskets. This idea will spruce up your storage needs. Shaare your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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