DIY Floating Ballerinas

Hi everyone! I made this floating ballerina last weekend for my home. It’s such a beautiful and delicate piece of craft and I had so much fun making it. You can make a whole bunch of these to make lovely decoration for your little princess’s room. It will turn out to be an exciting weekend project.

Supplies: Metal wire, Tissue papers – white and colorful, mod-podge, scissors, pliers, ribbons

To get started, we’ll make the skeleton of the ballerina with metal wire. To make the legs, take a metal wire of 20” length and fold it in half. The, twist the two ends of wire together over the entire length of the folded wire to add strength to the frame.


Now at both the ends of the wire, fold the wire inside with the help of pliers to make small ovals.

Do the same for making arms, with a wire of length 10”.

Now in order to make the head and torso, take a piece of wire of length 5”. Fold it in half and twist it. Make a circular shape at the top with the help of pliers.

Now to attach the arms and legs to the body, keep the body in 2 cm away from the center of the legs and twist the piece of wire above the body. Do this for the arms also. You can mold the arms and legs in any shape that you want the ballerina to hold.

As the skeleton is ready, cut out 1” wide strips of tissue paper.

Now, apply mod-podge on the wire skeleton and wrap it up with tissue paper strips. Keep applying mod-podge on the top of the tissue paper as well. Work gently through this process so as not to tear the tissue paper.

When the entire frame is covered with tissue paper, apply another layer of mod-podge on the entire body to secure the tissue paper in place. Now, let the frame dry for a day.

When the frame has dried completely, it’s time to make a dress for your ballerina. For this, take a square piece of paper and fold it in half and then again half of the rectangle to form a smaller square.


Now, fold the paper diagonally to form a triangular shape and fold it one more time

Now cut the top of the triangle that is formed to make the neck of the dress and cut the bottom of the triangle in curved manner.

Then crush the tissue paper to make the dress fluffy. Open the dress and slide it from the top of the ballerina.


You can make more layers of dress by using tissue papers of different colors and sizes.

Once all the layers are put on the ballerina, just tie a small ribbon across the waist, securing the tissue papers.

Now attach a thread or nylon wire to the backside of the ballerina and hang it around. You can make a whole bunch of these and decorate your home with floating ballerinas. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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