DIY Marbled Candle Holders

Hi all! Today I have an exciting project for you. I made this colorful marbled candle holder for my home recently. It’s so easy to make them and doesn’t take much time. I had so much fun making this.

Marbled Candle Holder

Supplies: Nail paints, Glass container, wooden stick or toothpick, large plastic container and some water

First of all, fill the large plastic container with water. Make sure to not fill the container up to the brim.

Then, pour some nail paint on the water. Pour it to form a horizontal line on water surface. Tapping the side of the container will help the paint to spread on the water surface. [Tip: Use thin nail paints for this, as it spreads on the surface of water].

Now add another layer of different nail paint. I have used pink, bottle green and beige colors for this project. [Tip: Make sure that you add other layers of paint quickly before the first layer dries]

Then make patterns on the layer of nail paints with the help of the wooden stick. Just move the wooden stick on the surface of the paint to mix the paints.

Now you are ready to transfer the pattern on the glass surface. Dip the glass container into water such that the outer surface of the container touches the surface of water. Roll the glass container over to cover the entire surface.

Marbled Candle Holder

Take out the glass container and drain the excess water. The beautiful pattern you made will now be on the glass. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes.

You can now place your candle inside this marbled candle holder and let your room shine bright and colorful. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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