DIY Paper Envelopes

Where do the envelopes go when you need them? Does it happen a lot with you that you can’t find an envelope when it is needed? Well, fret not! In today’s post, I am going to show you how to DIY paper envelopes quickly at your home.

Supplies: Papers, Scissors, Glue and Accessories to decorate 

I made three envelopes in different styles.

For making the first envelope, I took a rectangular designer paper of size 10X 12”. I folded the paper vertically to create two sections of 5” and 7” lengths.

Then, to make an envelope I cut 1” from each side of the larger section to look like this.

Then, I cut 1″ from the bottom of the smaller section. After this, I folded the extra 1” on each side of the smaller section inwards and glued them to make the envelope.

Then I folded the 2” of the top section to make a flap of the envelope and cut rounded corners. It’s done. Super simple, right?

I chose to make a square envelope next. I took a paper of size 8X12” and folded it along the longer side. You can take any size that you want.


Then, I flipped the paper over and made a 1” section on the top and 0.5” section on the bottom. The shaded portions are to be cut out.

After this, I folded the sides of the paper to create an overlap in the middle and glued them together.

Then I folded the bottom section of the envelope and glued it over the overlapped sides.

Now, I cut rounded corners in the top section and fold it to form a flap.

After this, I decorated the front with some paper ribbons.

The third envelope that I made is an open envelope. I used a rectangular paper and made rounded rectangles on all the four sides, like this.

Then, I just folded the four rounded rectangles inwards.

Just tie a thread around it and it’s done.

So, now you what to do next time you need an envelope. Hope you enjoyed these DIY paper envelopes. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!!

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