Eco-friendly Natural Holi Colors

Hi everyone! The festival of colors, Holi is just around the corner in India. I know you all must be very excited for it. People enjoy this festival with so much energy and love.
Though I enjoy the colors and festivity, I am always worried about the harsh chemicals used in colors. They make my skin very irritable. But I never tried to make natural colors at home because I thought the process would be too complicated. This year I decided to give it a try and it turned out to be pretty simple. I tried made dry powdered colors in Red, Yellow and Green shades. So, here I am sharing how to make your own safe, eco-friendly natural Holi colors.

Red Color –

For making red color powder, I used deep red rose flowers. First, I separated each of the petals from the flower. Then, in order to shade dry the petals, I laid the flowers on a sheet of paper and kept them in a warm place without direct sunlight.

It took me 3 days to dry the petals completely. The petals should become crisp so that they can be powdered easily. On drying in the shade, the petals will become a shade darker. For drying the petals in lesser time, you can also keep them directly in the sunlight, but there are chances of color fading.

I just grinded the petals in a mixer to get a fine red powder. I mixed some some fuller’s earth (half the amount of red powder) to make it sticky. The color that I got was a beautiful deep red.

Yellow Color –

I used a very easy recipe to make yellow color powder. I just used two ingredients for this – turmeric and gram flour. I mixed one part of turmeric with two parts of gram flour.

I crushed the powder to make it smooth. You can also use Fuller’s earth in place of gram flour. It’s very beneficial for the skin.

Green Powder –

For obtaining a natural green color powder, I used Henna and Fuller’s Earth. I mixed them in equal quantities to create a smooth powder.

I was very happy with the results, so I decided to gift some of these to my friends. I filled these color powders into organza pouches. I made Holi-themed gift tags to accessorize the pouches. To make these, just cut out papers in any shape that you want and add some color. I have used asymmetrical rectangles for the same.

Have a safe, colorful Holi with these eco-friendlly, natural Holi colors. These are incredibly beneficial for your skin. Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Holi and Happy Creating!!

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