Acrylic Painted Bottle

Hi everyone! Today I have an interesting project for you – upcycling an old glass bottle with the help of acrylic paints. This painted bottle makes a great home decor project.

Supplies: Old glass bottle, Spray acrylic paint, Acrylic paint 3D cones

First of all, clean the glass bottle with the help of a soft cloth.

Then spray paint it. I have used a red acrylic spray paint for this. You can choose whatever color you want. Make sure to paint it evenly by keeping the spray paint at least 10 cm away from the bottle.

Let it dry for 30 minutes.

Then, use an acrylic color 3D cone to make designs on the bottle. I have used a white color. You can use multiple colors as well.

Start from the top of the bottle and keep rotating it to make the design. Work your way downwards.

I have used a simple geometrical pattern to paint my bottle. It looks very traditional.

You can create many patterns like this using geometrical shapes, faces, flowers, literally anything. The use of 3D cones makes it easier to paint.

Decorate your homes with these lovely bottles. Share your experiences in the comments below. Subscribe to our blog for more projects. Happy Creating!!

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