Ribbon Bracelet for kids

Hi everyone! I have a super exciting project for you today. It’s an easy and fun ribbon bracelet for kids. I am sure your kids will enjoy wearing it.

Supplies: Two strands of satin ribbon of different colors (20 inches length each)

Let’s get started.

Take one ribbon strand in each of your hands. I am using yellow and orange ribbons for this bracelet.

Now, form loops with both the ribbons, leaving about 3 inches as the shorter end of the ribbons. I have orange ribbon in my right hand and yellow ribbon in my left hand.

To begin this bracelet, keep the loop on your right hand over the loop on left hand and wrap it around the left hand loop by going under and over it once.

For the next step, pull the loop made with yellow ribbon through the orange loop.

Now, pull the longer end of the orange ribbon to secure the yellow loop in place.

After this, form a loop with the longer end of the orange ribbon again and pull it through the yellow loop.

Then, pull the longer end of the yellow ribbon to secure the orange loop in place.

Keep forming loops with alternating ribbons and securing them in place. This will create a criss-cross pattern like this:

Keep doing this for till you achieve the desired length of the ribbon. To seal the end of the bracelet, just pull the longer end of the ribbon through the remaining loop and pull both the ribbons to secure the end.

You can also use this technique to create hairbands. You can make these bracelets as presents for your daughter’s friends. They’ll all love it. Share your experiences in the comments below and subscribe for know about more projects 🙂 Happy Creating!!

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