DIY Fabric Goodie Bag

Hi everyone!! Writing after a long break. I was busy travelling, but I am definitely going to compensate for it today. I made a fabric goodie bag for a friend recently. It turned out to be really pretty and completely re-usable.

Supplies: Some cotton fabric, thread & needle or sewing machine, ribbon.

To make this bag, I used a check printed fabric and some lace ribbon. I hand-stitched the bag, but you can also use a sewing machine. I used a fabric that was 20 inches wide and 40 inches in length.

First, I folded the fabric in half lengthwise. Make sure while doing this you have the right printed side of the fabric inside. Then I stitched the left and right sides to make it look like a bag with top open.

After this, I spread the two layers of fabric by pulling them apart at the bottom. This will form two triangles at the bottom left and the right corners.

Then, I stitched the base of these triangles up at a distance of 5 inches from the corner. Stitch them up in a straight line.

When both the triangles are done, it’s time to do the top of the bag. For this, I folded the top 2 inches of the bag inwards and stitched it to form a cylindrical piping for the bag.

Now, turn the bag inside out. You will have a rectangular shaped base of the bag, depending on the size of your fabric.

Now, cut a slit in the middle of the cylindrical piping to insert the ribbon.

Insert the ribbon with the help of a hairpin and cut the ends of the ribbon to make them look even and heat seal them to prevent from fraying.


Now, just fill all the goodies in this pretty goodie bag and pull the ribbons together and tie them into a beautiful bow. It will add so many colors to your gifts. I a sure you and your friends will love it!! Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy Creating!! Subscribe for more wonderful projects 🙂 

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