DIY Pyramid Gift Box

Hi everyone!! In this post, I will share with you the instructions to make this really simple and interesting pyramid gift box.

Supplies: Square sheet of paper, scissors, paper punching tool, string or ribbon

On the backside of the paper, draw a square in the middle of the paper. This will make the base of the box. I have made a square of side 3 inches.

Now, draw triangles with the height of 2.5 inches on all the four sides.

For each of the triangle, draw a curved border on both the sides of all the triangles.

Now, cut the sheet of paper along the borders drawn.

Fold the paper inwards along the sides of the square base and the sides of the triangles.

With the help of punching tools, make holes on the top of all the four triangles.

Now, insert a string in all the four holes.

You can put the gift inside the box and pull both the ends of the string and tie a knot. This will secure the edges of the box and keep the gift from falling.

You can put chocolates, jewelry inside this box. Hope you enjoy making this pyramid gift box for your friends. Happy Creating!! Subscribe to the blog for more projects!! 🙂

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