DIY Summer Waterfall Greeting Card

Hi everyone!! Today I have an interesting DIY greeting card for you. This card doesn’t require any special tools and is totally fun to make. It’s a unique card and will make people happy!! So, let’s start making this waterfall greeting card.

Supplies: Cardboard stock, Ribbon, Glue, Decorative paper, Accessories to decorate

First of all, take a strip of paper 2.25 inches wide and 12 inches in length. You can use any dimensions that you want.  On the strip of paper, make a square of 2.25” side. Then, draw 6 equidistant lines at 0.5” distance from each other. I am using 6 images, so I made 6 sections on this card. You can make as many sections as you want.

Fold in the paper at these lines, making clear creases.

Now, make six square pieces of paper with 2.25″ side to decorate this card. Take one square piece of paper and paste it on the 2.25” square made on this strip of paper. Paste the other square sheets of paper by their edges on the creases formed.

Keep it for drying and then decorate it with pictures or draw anything that you want. I have used the cut outs of ice creams and popsicles for the summer feel. On the back side of the piece, punch a hole and tie a ribbon around it. You can write a message on the inner side of the card.

Now, to make the base of the card, I have used a cardstock of size 5”X 6“,and pasted a decorative paper on top of it.

Now at a distance of 1 inch from the bottom, paste a paper ribbon horizontally, sticking only the right and left edges, so that the center is left open.

Insert the waterfall assembly through this paper ribbon.

To affix the assembly, paste the paper ribbon on top of the innermost square piece of paper of the waterfall card assembly.

Let the assembly dry for 5 minutes. The card is ready! You can pull at the ribbon to make the cards flip for the waterfall effect. I am sure you will enjoy making this waterfall greeting card. Happy Creating!!

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