DIY Paper Gift Bag

Today, I’ll show you how to make a paper gift bag. It’s really easy to make and is pretty versatile.

Supplies: Decorative paper, Ribbon, Glue, Scissors, and Paper Punching tool

First of all, take a rectangular sheet of paper and keep it horizontally with its printed surface facing downwards. Now, fold the left and right edges of the paper such that they overlap at the middle of the sheet of paper. Stick them with the help of glue.

Let the assembly dry. Next, fold the bottom 1″ portion of the paper to form a small rectangle.

Now, press the left and right edges of this rectangle to form two triangles at the ends. This will open up the paper like this –

After this, fold the upper and lower portions at the bottom, making them overlap. And paste them with glue.

This forms the base of the bag.

Let it dry for some time. Now, form creases along the left and right sides of the bag by folding it in a straight line aligned to the corners of the base.

This completes the bag. Open it up from the top and push the left and right edges inside so that the creases pop out and give a proper shape to the bag.

Now, punch two holes on the top of the bag and add a ribbon to tie the bag.

You can use this paper gift bag to wrap candies, jewelry and even big items such as clothes, wallets, etc. Versatile, as I said. I hope you will enjoy making this bag. Experiment along with a variety of papers and sizes. Happy Creating!! 🙂

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