Weaved Paper Basket

Hi everyone!! Today I have a very interesting and useful DIY project for you. It’s a weaved paper basket for your trinkets.

Supplies: Strips of colored paper (3 cm wide and 24 cm long), Glue

First of all, fold the strips of paper two times width-wise to form a cylindrical shape and glue it along the length.


After this, you need to arrange the strips for weaving. Arrange the first two strips perpendicularly leaving about 6-7cm on the outside.


Then, following an over-under-over-under weaving pattern, add strips to paper to the assembly. Glue the strips in place to add extra strength.

I have made a rectangular base of 4X5 strips. You can add as many as you want. Once your base is ready, fold the sides upwards and start weaving similarly on all the four sides, with a paper strip of different color.

Remember to glue the strips in place. I have added 3 strips to form the sides. of the box.

Fold the extra length of strips inwards and glue them on the inside.

Keep the box to dry for 30 minutes. This completes the weaved paper box. You can use it to keep small items such as threads, beads, jewelry, nail paints, etc. Hope you enjoy making it. Happy Creating!!

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